“What is Man?” – Hebrews 2:5-9 – SERIES: Jesus is Better

What is mankind?  How does God view us?  Are we worthwhile?  Are we valuable?  What is our purpose and destiny?  These are big questions, but they are questions that the Bible answers for us!  Join us as we dig into Hebrews 2 and look at man’s purpose and destiny and how it can only be achieved in Jesus!    Sermon originally preached on March 16, 2014.


HARVEST CELEBRATION – November 24 at 10:30 AM

Join us as we celebrate everything that God has provided for us this thanksgiving season.  The Blue River Boys will be there and will entertain us with their gospel centered Bluegrass.  We will also look into what God says about being thankful and content!!!  Please come and bring a friend!!!

“FREE Diapers”

If you need diapers, please allow Charter Oak Church to serve you. We will be handing out diapers to those who need them on Saturday, August 31 in the Sav U Mor parking lot from 11:00 AM until we run out. We are setting up right next to the Lion’s Club chicken sale. Please come and let us serve you. Limit one pack of diapers per family until we run out. If you can’t make it on Saturday, call the office at 260-241-8176 and we will try to help you!!

“Man vs. Mouse” – Selected Scriptures

You ever battle a rodent in your house?  What strategies did you use?  Poison?  Traps?  Loud Noises?  When we are trying to trap prey, it is helpful to know what attracts them and how to kill them.  Satan is like a hunter.  He roams around looking for ways to attack us.  He wants to lead us to doubt God’s goodness, greatness, and credibility.  Join us as we discuss some of the ways that Satan will try to trap us and some ways that we can stop him.    Sermon originally preached on July 21, 2013.


“The Sifter” – Luke 22:31-34

You ever watch one of those mystery diner shows?  You know the ones.  Where the owner allows someone to rig up his restaurant with cameras and they watch the employees to make sure they are doing their job well and with integrity.  Then . . . they send in the mystery diners.  The whole point is to push and push and see if the employees will break the rules.  Isn’t that a good image for Satan?  He rigs up situations in our life to see if we will stand firm for God or not.  Join us as we talk about this “sifting” work of Satan and see how it fits into God’s plan.    Sermon originally preached on July 14, 2013.


“Satan’s Law Career” – Revelation 12:1-12

It is never fun to be accused of anything, especially if it is an unfounded accusation, but that is Satan’s business!  He uses his time to throw accusations at us and try to distance us from God.  Join us as we discuss Satan’s story laid out in six phases.  In this sermon we tackle his origin, his law career, and his subsequent disbarment because of the work of Christ    Sermon originally preached on June 30, 2013.


“The Three Powers”

Spiritual warfare is something that we often mention, but seldom dive into.  Another problem is that we often mean radically different things when we use the exact same words.  Some people reduce spiritual warfare down to social action and working for justice., others reduce it down to dealing with temptation and sin in our individual Christian life, others say that it is having power encounters with demonic spirits, and still more see it as confrontations with territorial spirits.  Join us this morning as we try to discuss each of these views in detail and define terms so that we can be on the same page as to what spiritual warfare actually entails.    Sermon originally preached on June 23, 2013.


Spiritual Warfare!!

Join us this Father’s Day, June 16 as we begin a series on spiritual warfare!  We will answer questions like these:  What is spiritual warfare?  Who is our enemy?  How do different groups of Christians understand spiritual warfare?  Who is Satan?  Where did he come from and where is he heading to?  How do we fight in this battle?  How do we prepare ourselves for the struggle?  How do we find victory?  We would love to see you there!!

“Green Township Community Vacation Bible School”

VBS will be hosted by Charter Oak Church this year!!  We will being doing Group’s KINGDOM ROCK Vacation Bible School!!!  Come join us for a great time of learning about Jesus, having fun, playing exciting games, eating great snacks, singing amazing music, watching Chadder’s latest adventure, and experiencing Bible stories in creative ways.

VBS begins Sunday, June 23, and goes through Thursday, June 27, from 6:00 PM-8:45 PM.

If you would like to register your child (ages 4 – entering 5th grade), please call 260-241-8176.  3 year-olds are welcome if a parent is volunteering.  Can’t wait to see you guys there!!

“Who’s Your Father” – 1 John 2:28-3:10 – SERIES: Light and Love

How can you tell what a person values?  In the early 1900’s some thought that you could tell by the shape of your head, others by the way you write, or by the shape of your face.  The only proven way to tell what someone really values is to look at their behavior.  Join us as John encourages the faithful in Asia to take a close look at their lives and see if they are like Christ.  We are God’s children, and because we are God’s children and his seed remains in us, our behavior should reflect him.   Sermon originally preached on April 14, 2013.